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Gorchakov Memorial School

«For the common good» – Motto of the Tsarskoe Selo Lyceum.
«Scholarship, accountability, morality» – Motto of Gorchakov Memorial School.

Gorchakov's Founding Prototype

Gorchakov Memorial School was conceived as, and strives to be, a contemporary rendering of the Tsarskoe Selo Lyceum.

The selection of this model is significant. The Tsarskoe Selo Lyceum was established in Russia as a response to the needs of its time, during which there were strong beliefs in the possibility of societal transformation. For one hundred years the Lyceum prepared numerous, highly educated leaders in the spheres of culture, government, and the military, who played important roles in Russian history. The well-known events of the Revolution, however, interrupted the work of the Lyceum. Only now, about one hundred years later, has the revival of the Lyceum's traditions become possible. We hope the graduates of Gorchakov will carry these traditions forward.

We regard education as one of the most important aspects of a child's education and rearing and admit only those children from families which share this belief and have high expectations for their children's education.

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Gorchakov's Mission

The mission of Gorchakov Memorial School is to create a paradigm for the formation of private educational institutions which aim to positively influence Russian society.

Gorchakov's Objective

The objective of Gorchakov Memorial School is to prove that educational institutions, comparable to the Tsarskoe Selo Lyceum, can be established in Russia today through the combined efforts of concerned, ambitious individuals and socially responsible businesses.

Gorchakov's Undertaking

The undertaking of Gorchakov Memorial School is multifaceted:

  1. To unite intellectual, emotional, material, and other resources for the foundation of a school which will serve as a paradigm for emulation and duplication.
  2. To create a system of stable financial support which will guarantee the long-term vitality of the institution.
  3. To organize and implement a process of education and upbringing which will prepare pupils for contemporary challenges.

Gorchakov's Guiding Principles

Gorchakov Memorial School views education as a vital component of purposeful societal development. Gorchakov adheres to all the state educational requirements and, at the same time, builds upon the best innovations from both Russian and foreign educational experience.

Students at Gorchakov are given every opportunity to develop their creative faculties. Offerings toward this purpose include a rigorous core curriculum, extra-curricular clubs and projects, intellectual games and activities, educational trips throughout Russia and abroad, local cultural excursions, participation in academic competitions, public events hosted by the School and other organizations, etc.

A teacher in the School is a pedagogue by vocation. Every participant in the project of Gorchakov considers themselves a member of the School's team, and feels a responsibility for everything that occurs in the school. All the teachers at Gorchakov are committed to its principles, summarized in the memorandum.

The School values its relationship with the parents of its pupils and encourages them to not only participate in discussions, but to actively be involved with and contribute to the educational policies of the School.

Gorchakov is open to anyone who is ready to make an intellectual, emotional, and material investment.

The ultimate guiding principle of Gorchakov is the success of its students.

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